Wildman Steve on Weird World Records (1976)

wildman steve

Wildman Steve.

“A whole other world and part of the TK family of labels is called Weird World Records and features the works of Wildman Steve, product described as “For Adults Only.”

So reads the text from a 1976 issue of the famous Cash Box newspaper.

Wildman Steve was a standup comic in the style of Richard Pryor. He fused his life experience with punchlines and made a mockery of racial politics, thus transforming seemingly low-brow humor into razor sharp wit from finely honed truth. It was rude. It was funny. It was art. Although his first album spent 27 weeks on the R&B charts, he never achieved crossover success, but his underground standup comedy albums were sold around the country as well as internationally, often literally under the counters of record stores that could not afford the negative attention of stocking his albums on the shelf.

He was prolific, recording fifteen albums for a slew of labels from 1969 – 1993. And he was reportedly the first comedian to hit the Cash Box and Billboard charts.



Wildman Steve’s album ‘The Six Thousand Dollar N*****,’ which was also a film in which he acted in the starring role, came out on Henry Stone’s TK subsidiary Weird World Records in 1977. With musical direction by Sax Kari, and the funk of the TK rhythm section behind him, Wildman delivered nine tracks of thunder. Jokes about sucking and fucking and everything else all delivered in the form of stories with sweet musical backing. The label was also home to Clarence Reid’s alter-ego Blowfly and featured million selling artists as session players.



Steve also acted alongside Rudy Ray Moore in Peetey Wheatstraw The Devil’s Son In Law. And he played Harry De Baud in The Guy From Harlem, a 1977 Afro Kung Fu flick.


Wildman Steve, real name Steven Gallon, passed away in Miami, FL in 2004. In his lifetime he served with the U.S. Navy in Korea, and also worked in radio, nightclubs, and concert promotion.



Wildman Steve also recorded albums for the Laff Records, Raw Records, Dick- er Records, Ichiban Records, and other labels that distributed his work far and wide.



He even performed in an original Def Comedy Jam special.



In Miami, he worked at famed radio station WMBM and also hosted and MC’d shows at Overtown nightclubs. As a standup he performed on the same bills as Redd Foxx, and Flip Wilson.

Wildman Steve is a name that still rings bells in the streets of Miami, and in this new millennium that’s really saying something. Look out for Henry Stone Music USA Inc. to continue to keep his name alive through some exciting new releases in the works.

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