Vanilla Williams on WMBM Radio – Miami Herald

Vanilla WIlliams, 35, a popular disc jockey at WMBM radio station where she went by the name of Woom Boom, died Monday at the Lutheran Medical Center. She lived at 151 NE 71 St.

Mrs. Williams had been working at the station for 12 years after starting as a request girl, taking record requests over the telephone.

In the 1960s, Mrs. Williams was an exotic dancer performing under the name of “Princess Vanilla” and performed a dance called the “Haitian Fire Goddess.”

A court awarded her $18,000 after she was injured in an auto accident August 4th, 1962. The injuries prevented her from swinging her hips and making the kicks that were necessary to perform the dance, she testified.

She was born in Dawson, Georgia and christened Queen Victoria Vanilla Weaver. She was reared in Jacksonville and came to Miami 17 years ago.

Mrs. Williams was former co-owner of the Continental Nightclub.

Her daughter, Vernetta (Lynn) Williams is a popular recording star.

Mrs. Williams is also survived by her husband, Johnnie; her mother, Mrs. Fannie M. Weaver; a sister, Mrs. Helen Mathis; and a brother, Randall Weaver.

Repose is today from 2 to 10p.m. today at the Range Funeral Home where services will be at 7p.m. Friday.

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