Tone Distributors 25th Anniversary (1976)


What is distribution? It is the act of commerce brokered by the party between the manufacturer and the retailer.

Without distribution, even the best product stays in its own back yard.

Without distribution, there’s no such thing as a hit. Distribution insures that any product that people want to buy is available at the places that they shop.

From the 1950’s until about 2006, physical distribution was one of the most important facets of the music business. Throughout that entire time, Henry Stone was heavily involved with the practice. And in this ad from 1976, his Tone Distributors, Inc. celebrated 25 years in business.

As you can see, the company offered complete a catalog of records and tapes, and related entities specialized in one-stop shipping and exports.

As Henry Stone always said, “Distribution is everything. It really is, man.”


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