Timmy Thomas Free Concert Tonight in Coral Gables!!!

A category 5 hurricane of soul will descend on Books&Books in Coral Gables tonight with a free live performance by Timmy Thomas, whose music has been covered by Santana, sung by Sade, and sampled by Drake.

Instead of destroying the power of the electrical grid, and leaving destruction in its wake, Thomas will help destroy the power of racism and spread love concentrically through influence for centuries to come.

Thomas features heavily in John Capouya’s new book, Florida Soul: From Ray Charles To KC and The Sunshine Band, and even has his own chapter in the book.

Thomas, a native of Indiana, moved to Miami to administrate the great school now known as Florida Memorial University. Along the way he wrote a little song called “Why Can’t We Live Together,” which has sold in the millions around the world, and continues to influence pop culture even today.

The wailing, plaintive track is not only the last mono recording to go so high on the Billboard Hot 100 pop chart (#3 in 1973); it’s also probably the first pop single to use a drum machine, a rudimentary beat box that came stock with Timmy’s famous Lowery Organ.

Come see the man himself in a very special live performance, and learn so much more about the historic significance of the Florida Soul sound when author Capouya breaks down pieces of his book for the audience.

Timmy Thomas, will appear and perform with John Capouya, the author of Florida Soul: From Ray Charles to KC and the Sunshine Band, at Books&Books in Coral Gables, 7-8 pm, Monday, Sept 25. 265 Aragon Ave, Coral Gables FL 33134 Phone: 305-442-4408 Capouya will talk about his book and Florida’s rich soul heritage, and Thomas will sing “Why Can’t We Live Together’’ and other hits, live.

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