The Story Behind “Party Freaks” by Miami

“Miami is one of the groups I had, also known as The Notorious Miami Band, and they came up with their own funky sound that they had. I didn’t even find them, Miami found me. Roach Thompson was in that band. He got his name from a song they had called “Kill That Roach.” That was a song that anybody in South Florida could relate to just based off the name alone. “Party Freaks” too for that matter. The record came out in 1974. Robert Moore was a great singer that people just liked. I think he did some work with Little Beaver. He had that Beaver sound. This song is written by Clarence Reid and Willie Clarke. The record it came out on was the Party Freaks LP on my Drive label. Steve Alaimo engineered it.”

From a 2013 interview with Henry Stone. ©Jacob Katel and Henry Stone Music USA Inc. All Rights Reserved


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