Henry Stone Tells The Story Behind Blowfly and Weird World Records

“He’s the biggest character in the whole fuckin world, man. Clarence Reid, man. Blowfly. That was my invention. Blowfly. Clarence was y’know one of my writers, good writer yknow, he wrote “Rockin Chair,” for Gwen McCrae. He wrote “Cleanup Woman” for Betty Wright. Great songwriter.

So I used to have a little piano in front of my office. Musicians used to come in and sit down. Clarence was sittin’ there foolin’ around with an old song. I’m in my office doin what I’m doin. I hear him by the piano all of a sudden playin “Sittin On The Dock Of The Bay,” but he’s sayin’ “Shittin On The Dock Of The Bay.”

I say “Clarence! What is that?” I said “Go upstairs and cut that immediately!” We had an 8 track studio above my Tone Distribution office. That’s where we cut a lot of hits.

So I said, “Clarence go up there and put that on tape immediately!” So he finishes “Shittin On The Dock Of The Bay,” and I say “Come up with some more ideas, man, and cut some songs.”

So that’s when Blowfly came into recorded existence. Shittin’ On The Dock Of The Bay.

I created the Weird World record label, no address, no contact info, and these records were under the counter hits all over the country.”

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