The Rouse Brothers Played The South Florida Alligator Circuit

After the Orange Blossom Special made them rich, the Rouse Brothers went right on fiddle boxing and hellraising all over Miami.

Deep in the razor sharp sawgrass of the Everglades, the Rouse Brothers kept their grills gold and shine jugs full by gigging on the alligator circuit of back country, Cadillac airboat, stilt house juke joints, and hunting camps that ruled the region.

Every so often they’d come up for air in Miami to play a show downtown or pick up supplies; and also to chop up business with Henry Stone.

Stone and the Rouse Brothers got along great, and even cut some records together.

Way down at the bottom of a box in a Hialeah warehouse, tapes from their sessions showed up with the Rouse’s name on a 1950s Scotch box, we digitized them for the first time ever, and now they are available to YOU as the Outta The Swamp EP.

Featuring a slew of gems that haven’t come out since their original pressings on DeLuxe Records, and one completely unreleased track, this Rouse Brothers collection will have you transported to the 1950’s quicker than a catfish eats mud.

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