The Rouse Brothers – Outta The Swamp EP

rouse brothers outta the swamp

The Rouse Brothers were prolific kings of country violin who lived in the Florida Everglades, and rocked out with the outlaws and the wetlanders, the shack shakers, and the juke jointers. They were party lifers, and money spenders. And chart topping songwriters.

Their toil produced “One of the top 10 country songs of the century” according to ASCAP, the American Society of Composers, Authors and Publishers, and they are included in the Smithsonian Museum’s music library.

Ervin T Rouse (sometimes spelled Erwin Rouse) is the man responsible for the “Orange Blossom Special,” covered on over 200 records and made most famous by the man in black, Johnny Cash, but also by hillbilly hall-of-famer Bill Monroe and His Bluegrass Boys.

In the 1950’s, the Rouse Brothers then recorded a series of classic cuts for Henry Stone’s Rockin’ and DeLuxe labels.

Some of the songs were pressed up on 78rpm shellac and introduced to distribution. Others never left the confines of the magnetic Scotch recording tape that houses their ever wailing souls even today.

Until now.

1. Jackson Schottische (Take 1) (feat. Ervin Rouse) – 2:27
2. Jackson Schottische (Take 2) (feat. Ervin Rouse) – 2:22
3. Rubber Dolly (feat. Ervin Rouse) – 2:52
4. Under the Double Eagle (feat. Ervin Rouse) – 2:34
5. Varsouviana (feat. Ervin Rouse) – 2:27
6. Arkansas Traveler (feat. Ervin Rouse) – 2:36



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