The Origins of The Rockin’ and Glory 78rpm Record Labels

Rockin’ and Glory are the first two Miami record labels founded by Henry Stone.

These labels began operating as early as 1950 in limited runs; and officially releasing records with matrix numbers in 1952.

The Rockin’ and Glory labels specialized in R&B, gospel music, blues; even some bluegrass, and country. These 78rpm platters were the foundation for the jukebox era.

Artists who recorded for Henry Stone’s Rockin’ label include Ray Charles, Lightnin’ Hopkins, Earl Hooker, John Lee Hooker, Wilbert Harrison, and blues unknowns like W.C. Baker, who was a singer/songwriter/guitar player who worked as a shipping clerk for Stone’s record distribution company.

Glory Records was the label for choral groups like The Spiritual Harmonizers, The Miami Soul Stirrers, and preachers like Reverend A Johnson, who delivered sanctified truth in song.

By 1953, the labels were fully established and generating national attention in the form of articles in Billboard and Cashbox Magazines.


stone distrib



Just check out the above piece from a February 14th, 1953 Column in BILLBOARD Magazine. It Reads

“Henry Stone, Stone Distributors returned from an extended business swing thru the South and North, promoting numbers on his Rockin’ label. Stone reports a wave of general prosperity throughout the states he visited. Miami’s crying need, he believes, is more industry to give jobs to the many thousands who want to live here.”



h stone billboard


And just months later, Stone’s Rockin’ and Glory were again generating national attention. This time, for signing up new distributors around the country.

A Billboard article from April 11, 1953, says, “Henry Stone, who formerly operated Stone’s Distributors, is now strictly a record manufacturer. He returned recently from a nationwide trip during which he signed 30 distributors for his Glory and Rockin’ labels. Stone says his newest spiritual, “God Don’t Like It,” on the Glory label, bids fair to become an outstanding success. Local music operator Murray Gross says it is already the hottest number on his route.”

Henry Stone went to work with Syd Nathan of Cincinnati’s King Records on a joint venture, their partnership in the DeLuxe Records label, a King subsidiary that would draw from Rockin’ and Glory masters as well as newly cut sides. Henry Stone leased select masters up to Nathan for release on DeLuxe and King Records as noted in the book King Of The Queen City by Jon Hartley Fox.

However, after an argument between Stone and Nathan over record profits after the label’s million selling “Hearts of Stone” by Otis Williams and The Charms, a lawsuit in New York state, and an amicable settlement between the two parties, Billboard noted that the enterprise was dissolved and masters reverted to Stone.



stone in billboard


The article reads, “A partnership involving Henry Stone and the De Luxe Records firm was dissolved this week in an amicable settlement. Mutually owned properties were divided between Stone and the King Subsidiary, and Stone is reported to have received some cash considerations.

Approximately 200 copyrights which had been deposited in King’s Lois Music have been divided equally between Lois and Stone’s new Sherlyn Music pubbery. Both firms are affiliated with Broadcast Music, Inc.

Stone and Chart Records headquarters are in Miami.”



henry stone vs ray charles

Click for full size. Henry Stone vs Ray Charles screenshot of digital docket of judgment


And if there was any doubt as to the chain of title for Rockin’ and Glory works today, one need look no further than the ruling of Judge Adalberto Jordan of the Southern District Court of Florida for the case of Henry Stone Music vs Ray Charles in which Henry Stone Music is found to be the rightful owner of its copyright protected works dating back to the work-for-hire, cash per session arrangement Henry Stone established with the unknown musician who would become one of the greatest stars the world has ever known.



Article by ©Jacob Katel and ©Henry Stone Music USA Inc. All Rights Reserved.

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