The Making of “Two Hearts, Two Kisses (Make One Love)”

Henry Stone is known the world over for his prolific abilities as a CEO, distribution kingpin, and producer. But his lesser known talent was songwriting. Want proof? Stone wrote a hit that was covered by Frank Sinatra. The tune is called “Two Hearts, Two Kisses (Make One Love)” and it came out on DeLuxe Records in 1954 with co-writer Otis William’s group The Charms.

Here’s how Henry Stone described the song’s birth, “I gotta thank Amos Millburn for that one. He was on Aladdin Records. After “Hearts of Stone” I was in Memphis, which was a dry state, you hadda go to a private club to get a drink. We’re sittin there and Amos Millburn comes on the jukebox with “One Scotch, One Bourbon, One Beer,” and I said to myself, “Two Hearts, Two Kisses, make one love.” I stole that. Frank Sinatra covered that song.”

Now, it must be understood that in the music business, catching ideas for new songs from established hits is one of the basic principles upon which pop music was founded, so Stone used the creative inspiration from Millburn to his advantage and there’s nothing wrong with that.

In fact, the song spent 12 weeks on the Billboard R&B charts peaking at #8. Once it became a hit, it instantly began attracting admirers from the music business who wanted to ride its wave of popularity.

Here are some of the other covers that the tune received.




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