“Terry Kane Built That Little 8 Track Studio Above My Office,” Says Henry Stone

Kane’s Cousins

“When I was on SW 8th St, I know there was a little liquor store on the corner, and then about 3 doors in I had my little warehouse, and in back I recorded my Chart Records in 1956 or 57. And from there I moved to NW 47 st and 2nd Ave. And it was a bigger warehouse cause I started to get more lines of more records. And then from there I hadda get an even bigger place cause I really started a big distribution. I had records comin off the rafters yaknow. And that’s when I built my big warehouse in Hialeah, bout 18,000 square feet. And actually I remember, the first big shipping table in my warehouse, the guy that built it for me was Bob Green’s father, he was a carpenter.

Bob Green ended up marrying Anita Bryant. I was the best man at the wedding. Bob was from the Bronx, that’s why we hit it off so good I guess. He actually came to Palm Beach and did a little kiddie show and then came to Miami and did this rock n roll show on WINZ.

So my warehouse in Hialeah was at 495 SE 10th Ct. I had 3 quarters of it to the end of the block and there was another small place at the end of the block, an awning place, and then they moved and I took over the whole block, and that’s when I built my TK Studios from Tone. I had Tone on one side and TK on the other. I had em separated. One on one side, one on the other.

Kane’s Cousins were a funky group, funky little rock group I had. They were nothin really. They did “Take Your Love And Shove It.” I published it on Sherlyn on a little Shove Love label and leased it to Atlantic for national distribution. Steve Alaimo and Brad Shapiro produced it. It was Terry Kane’s band. The only thing Terry Kane did really was build that little 8 track studio up above my office. He got paid. Work for hire. Pay somebody and goodbye.”


From a 2013 interview with Henry Stone

©Jacob Katel and ©Henry Stone Music USA Inc. All Rights Reserved.

©HenryStoneMusic USA Inc. All Rights Reserved.
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