September 10, 2020

Top 10 Rockwell Records

 10. Bose ‎– Rock The World (Like No Other Girl) Genre: Electronic Style: Electro Year: 1987     9. Bassix ‎– The Tears Of A Clown Genre: Electronic Style: Electro, Hi NRG Year: 1987     8. Hardcore Jazz…

Top 10 HOT Productions

After cutting ties with Morris Levy and Sunnyview Records, Henry formed a new manufacturing and distribution powerhouse called HOT Productions. The company had a slew of in-house labels, and the license to press, ship, market and distribute dozens of others….

Top 10 Henry Stone Drum Machine Records

You know his soul. You Know his funk. His gospel, and his blues. But what you may not know of Henry Stone is all the drum machines he’s used. From multi-million sellers to underground classics, Henry Stone encouraged every artist…

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