Sam Moore from Sam & Dave Talks Early Concerts in The Bahamas and Cuba

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Sam Moore shakes hands with President Barack Obama after performing at the White House. Pete Souza/The White House (Public Domain)

“Sam & Dave. Our act was already international before we were ever stars in America.

See, Dave and I built up an audience for our act doing shows in Nassau, Bahamas and Cuba. Yeah. We was there. Bimini and all. We weren’t no big stars, but the you know who were there, and our manager Johnny Lomelo knew the guys and they would send us over to go do our 10, 15, 20 minutes. We were performing everybody else’s material and nobody really listening. We’d get paid like $50 or $75 a piece, come back and open for the Sunday night show.

We went to Cuba and Nassau with the Munnings. The Munnings had a band called Beginning Of The End. In 1971 they had a million seller with Henry Stone called “Funky Nassau.” But this is still the 1960s I’m talking about.

To the Munnings Sam and Dave was no big deal. Their dad owned the biggest club in the Bahamas. They had the big club, the big band, the big Bahamian stars there. The one they loved was Little Willie John. He was big. We was still doing other people’s material and they didn’t define us as future stars. We used to go play Nassau, walk up and down the beach, barely any time for girls even. We had to get back to Miami in time for Dave to go to work as a short order cook in Overtown.

We weren’t future stars. Nobody ever thought we would be no bigger than what we were. Boy, they never knew how wrong they were.”

From a 2015 interview with Sam Moore

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