Rickey Calloway Is The King Of Funk – New Album – Break Down

Hey There Funksters, Happy Independence Weekend, Check Out The New Rickey Calloway Album – King Of Funk – Break Down !!

All New Mixes, Remixes, and Instrumentals Direct From The Master Tapes – Never Heard Before.

Rickey Calloway Has Been Puttin’ It Down On Wax Since 1968, His Original Records Sell For Hundreds Of Dollars, And He Is Considered The King Of England, Sir, Crown, Castle, Sword, Funk, And All ..

Henry Stone Music Has Got A Brand New Bag, You Gotta Dig It, Baby


Rickey Calloway says, “What I’m hoping that they feel is a new version of the Rickey Calloway funk. We’re adding a new dimension to the traditional “B9 Funk,” that funky James Brown style funk that I do. We’re taking it a notch higher…Joe Stone has been working on some new mixes and he’s an expert, and he always surprises me, and I do hope the fans will say, “Rickey you’re taking the funk to a new dimension!”


Rickey Calloway says, “I met Henry Stone in the 1970’s, like 1973 or ’74, when I had a record out called “Get It Right.” The radio guys, the DJ’s in Ft Lauderdale were playing it and I heard from a DJ that Mr. Stone wanted to talk to me, so my manager Doctor Cool took me to meet him. At that time Henry was huge. I mean, the whole week before, I was shivering. My whole city gave me a sendoff party just for meeting him … We got into Hialeah, walked in, and I saw Betty Wright with a lot of musicians standing around her. I was like, “Man, that’s cool.” Henry was sitting in a big chair with his back to the door. He turned around and said, “I like that “Get It Right.” It has sort of a calypso, funk, R&B sound. I wanna take it to Nassau.”


Rickey Calloway says, “I think the legacy is that we are a diamond in the rough. Funk has been in Florida from the time I started my music thing. In Miami you had the disco, the r&b, and what happened is, if you moved from south to north as far as Orlando, it was r&b, soul. In Jacksonville We Had The FUNK. But I don’t think the rest of the world knew we had the funk…our funk was so close to James Brown it was crazy. We had a lot of guys from his band that used to hang out in Jacksonville and all over Florida. We are the hub of R&B, Soul, and Funk. We are it. Florida is the place.”

You’re Going To Be Hearing A Lot More About And From Rickey Calloway, The King Of Funk, And This Great New Album Break Down On Every Streaming Platform, And Some Special Surprises. Stay Tuned!!



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