Record World Jazz Award Winners 1976

Henry Stone always loved jazz. Even as the Disco genre overtook the global pop charts, Stone had entire labels and production companies devoted to modern, and even smooth & easy listening styles of America’s original genre. While KC and The Sunshine Band were making their mark on the Hot 100, Henry Stone’s jazz artists Ralph MacDonald and John Tropea were racking up commendations for their own chops in the yearly Record World Jazz Awards; going up against the major label artists with seemingly unlimited budgets for studio time and promotions. What those majors may have seen as a weakness, Stone saw as strength, his independence fostered agility, speed, and a network of cohorts more than willing to sell his trans-shipped records. Ingenuity, fandom, and a golden ear for hits helped Stone insure his artists have a more than a few slots for their sounds in the big jukebox of history.

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