Henry Stone Talks Record Distributing VS Record Manufacturing


Henry Stone Gets A Special Commendation from The Bahamas While Celebrating The First Annual TK Records Day in Hialeah – ©Jacob Katel

“Not that I didn’t like it, but I didn’t listen to anybody else’s music but my own. That’s the truth and that’s true today. What I create, I listen to. It may be a little selfish, ego, whatever you wanna call it, but even in the days when things were hot with The Beatles and The Rolling Stones, I knew they existed cause I distributed their records, but I never sat down and listened to them.

I had people that worked for me that did that.

I listened to whatever I created. That’s the rule that I followed. The recordings that I made or that I got involved with.

“I had two factions goin. I had the distribution faction which I called “Other People’s Money.” When I distributed a hit record I got the records and sold em. They had to put up all the marketing and everything and pressing.

I sold the records as a distributor, and I made my percentage. But these were already made hit records that i distributed so it was a nice cash flow. But when you get into the manufacturing bidness its a whole different world

You gotta lay out all the money. You gotta do everything you got. You gotta buy all the inventories. So it becomes two different parts of the industry that i was involved in. the distribution to make a living and generate money, cause nobody ever gave me anything. Nobody ever said “Here Henry Stone, heres a hundred dollars. here’s ten thousand whatever to go into business.” I had to do it my own way yaknow?”


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