Promoting The Fat Boys on Street Corners in Brooklyn and The Bronx, Before Radio


“The Fat Boys? I helped promote them. It wasn’t my thing but I helped promote the record with Art Kass, the guy that owned the label, Sutra Records, he’s the guy that really believed. He took em to the street corners in the beginning and I’ll never forget.

When Art Kass first played the thing, I didnt think it was that good between you and I. But he said, “Nah this is it, man!” And he started taking the group out around street corners in New York, Brooklyn and the Bronx, on street corners for like 20, 30, 40 people, man, yknow, really hustlin’.

So, I says “Wow.” I get the feedback, and in fact I shoulda picked the record up cause I had the first shot, but I didn’t, I just wasn’t into the group too much. Whateva. So I sez, “Man you really got somethin. I can tell. You better get that fuckin shit on the radio.”And he says “Well what do I do?” And I sez, “Well this is what ya do….”


“There was a white guy that put it together. Charlie Stettler. He was from Switzerland or somewhere. I wonder where he is now. I gotta look him up. Real nice guy. He’s the guy that took them, he came down here one time, the guy that owned the Fat Boys, not owned the label, there was a guy that owned them that took them initially that took them on street corners and stuff like that to really break em, before radio, the guy was a real cool cat, a very friendly guy, and at the time I would say, “Look we gotta promote this record,” cause I knew it was a record up there in New York, I said, “We gotta get it together.”

He said, “Gimme some ideas. What do i do?”

I sez, “Get on the radio, number one.”

It was one of the big first big rap records, man, it was huge, when it finally broke. They were doing movies and everything those guys, yknow. ”


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