Oldies But Goodies by Blowfly



1. Intro
2. Suck Around The Clock
3. Without Your Pussy
4. All Fucked Up
5. Blue Balls
6. Silly Bitch
7. My Dick First Got Hard
8. Get A Blow Job
9. Fuck In Her Behind
10. 10 Commandments of Sex
11. I Smell You
12. In The Still
13. My Sex Live Was Through
14. You Could Fuck
15. Outro
16. Intro
17. Gonna Fuck Her
18. Suck My Dick
19. So Funky
20. Only Gets Hard For You
21. You’re A Skinny Bitch
22. Whole Lotta Fuckin’ Goin’ On
23. Fuck Me
24. Big Dick Brown
25. Outro

All songs written by Clarence Reid
Produced by Blowfly


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