Miami Bass Soul Choir – He’s Got The Whole World (Miami Bass Edition)


Fifteen vocal powerhouses from Liberty City. One group. Ten tracks. The new album of classic hymns performed with modern bass arrangements. This is the Miami Bass Soul Choir – Hip Hop Gospel


1. Kumbaya
2. He’s Got The Whole World
3. When The Saints
4. Every Time I Feel The Spirit
5. Amazing Grace
6. Steal Away
7. This Little Light of Mine
8. Wade In The Water
9. Danny Boy
10. If I Can Help Somebody

Joe L. Stone is an American music industry executive, actor, tv host, and BMI Award winning songwriter. Known for his innovative music styles as a producer and audio engineer, Mr. Stone enjoyed international success with his 90s hip hop parody act, 2 Live Jews. His productions include classics such as Gucci Crew II’s “Sally That Girl” and L’Trimm’s “Cars With The Boom” that still receive spins by the likes of Questlove from the Tonight Show and stream in the tens of millions on Tik Tok.

Amos Larkins Jr. is a Miami Bass pioneer whose productions have influenced the biggest names in pop music since the early 1980s, when a mistake in the control room led to a low-end over-mastery of bass that changed the world of music. His works have sold in the millions and been sampled by some of the biggest names in the game.

JT Hilton is the leader of the The Miami Bass Soul Choir. He has been directing choirs for over two decades and also conducts vocals for the award winning music program at the famous Miami Northwestern High School. Mr. Hilton has created vocal arrangements for Michael Bolton, sung behind Oleta Adams, and started his musical life as an Ingraham Gospel Singer. He is also a professional vocal coach.

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