Kenny Gamble from Gamble and Huff on TK Disco: “Fantastic!!!”

Henry STone at HSM hq

Henry Stone at Henry Stone Music Headquarters, 2013, – Jacob Katel

“I remember one day I got a call from Gamble. You know, Kenny Gamble. From Gamble and Huff. He said, “Henry, I’m on Columbia, and they’re not selling my records like they’re selling your records overseas.”

Their records were big R&B yknow. And overseas they were doin fairly good, but Gamble said, “I understand you’re doing fantastic!” Which I was. All the KCs went number 1, all the George McCraes went number one. Every record went number 1 around the world in every country that Columbia distributed.

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When the company was hot, I spent money on everything. Lived like a king. Travelled all over the world. And when I travelled all over the world, everywhere I went there was a red carpet for me for having these hot records. Every time I got off a plane there’d be a limo waitin for me. UK, France, Germany, every country in Europe. Then I’d go to the discos and hear all my stuff at night and hang out.

I don’t know if I was slick or it was luck or knowledge or what yknow. After all, I was no genius when it came to schooling. I didn’t have any. I got out of high school and never went to college. In fact, I don’t think I ever even graduated high school. I think i got busted for gambling.”


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