Julio Iglesias On TK Disco, Said: “Make Me Like KC” (From KC & The Sunshine Band)


“Julio Iglesias. Back in in the 1970s when TK was pretty hot I had a situation with him. His manager was very friendly with a guy that worked for me. One day he brought Julio Iglesias into the office to meet me.

I was sitting behind my desk and he goes behind my hair, and he says, “Make me like KC.”

Just like that, exact words. Cause he was very big around the world yknow, but he wanted to be big here in the states. So he says, “Make me like KC…”

I’ll  never forget that, I can just picture sittin’ there talkin, and he comes around, nice meetin ya, yknow the whole bullshit thing yknow. And back then my hair was nice and long like. And I didn’t make him like KC, but he did his own thing I will say. He was very big around the world.

Jose Iglesias Jr aint doin too good though. He’s not doin’ as big numbers as the other one. Enrique.”


©Jacob Katel and Henry Stone Music USA Inc. All Rights Reserved


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