Joyce Straws T.K. Productions R&B Product Sales Manager (Cashbox 1976)

SUMMARY: Article on Joyce Straws in Cash Box Magazine Special T.K. Records Edition
DATE: March 27, 1976.
ARTICLE TEXT: Linda Fine of TK/ Tone’s order dept with Joyce Straws (right) TK’s R&B product and sales manager. Joyce has been in the business for four years. She previously worked with Campus Distributors in orders and sales. At T.K. she is in constant contact with promo men and radio stations. When a record hits a station, she feeds the info to T.K.’s direction and mgt. division. Joyce sends product to the area that the record is happening in. She works those areas. She collates promotional flyers and tries to generate excitement. She concentrates on regional promotion. T.K. philosophy…it has no rules. There are no limits. You can be you and work. No one stands ovr you. It feels good to talk to the president of the company. I’m not just a number to him. The executives have their role to play. Everyone does what he feels is best in any situation.”

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