John Tropea: Marlin Records’ Virtuoso Guitarist of Futuristic Soul, Jazz, Funk, and Disco

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Steve Alaimo, John Tropea, and Henry Stone at the T.K. Productions office at 495 S.E. 10th Ct. in Hialeah as Tropea signs his recording contract

How does a virtuoso jazz fusion guitarist end up making a disco record? By signing to Henry Stone’s Marlin Records in the 1970’s of course.

John Tropea is a Berklee School of Music six string master whose classic academic training belies his penchant for soul, funk, Latin, blues, and R&B jams.

These traits saw him land a record deal with Henry Stone’s T.K. Records empire in 1975, record three critically acclaimed full-length albums, and sling mountains of product through Stone’s octopus-like multinational reach of singles, LP’s, and promos.

Tropea’s first Marlin album was the self titled Tropea, which included distribution in the U.K., France, Germany, Japan, Venezuela, Spain, the U.S., and Canada. Its experimental, soulified, smooth-jazz and funk flavor still rings fresh today. Just check out the song “Tambourine” for proof.



His second album on the Marlin label was the still futuristic Short Trip To Space. Great music on here too. If you find a copy, grab this classic.


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Tropea’s third album for Marlin was To Touch You Again, which contains the ever-funky “Livin In The Jungle.” This track saw a dance floor remix and also came out as a 12″ single on the T.K. Disco label. It’s low B.P.M’s but driving bass make it the perfect breathcatcher in the nightclub. And though it may seem contrary to dance logic, contemporary jazz inflected tuneage was quite popular in disco nightclubs. One need only look at the Saturday Night Fever soundtrack for proof. A T.K. Productions jazz master by the name of Ralph Macdonald found himself a reticent disco star after his “Calypso Breakdown” became a hit with club DJ’s after Henry Stone promoted him via a T.K. Disco 12″.

John Tropea’s Marlin albums are chill, relaxing, dynamically meditative, and enjoyable. Thankfully Steve Alaimo and Henry Stone saw his talent fit for their empire and signed him up for recordings.

Tropea is still recording and releasing new music and just came out with his 11th album, entitled Gotcha Rhythm Right Here. Visit for more info.

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