jerry wexler and aretha franklin

Jerry moved here to Florida, him and Tom Dowd. and They were recording out of Criteria with Eric Clapton. Living down here. So i used to go out to lunch with Jerry almost every day, we used to hang out and go out to lunch. SO one day he say I got some good news and some bad news. I say give me the bad news man, good news I can always handle. He says in about 6 months time, you gotta keep this quiet, and nobody knows. In 6 months time, Atlantic, Warner Bros, and Elektra are gonna form their own distributing company and pull away from all the independednt distributors, which they did. I said,,,,changes man, i did have a lot fo labels, i didnt like the idea, cause I did a lot of businss with Atlantic and Warner Brothers, but I had a lot of labels, it wasnt gonna cripple me as a distributor. So, then comes my next hit record “WhyCant We Live Together,” so Im on my way to New York to make a deal with Atlantic to put out Why Cant We Live Together, so Im on the plane and Im thinkin why am I gonna give em this record and Im not gonna distribute it. Thats not gonna make too much sense for Henry Stone yaknow, so I said look Im gonna form my own record comapny, TK, and I released why cant we live togetehr on TK not Atlantic. That was a big hit. That was before KC.


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