In 1974, George McCrae and T.K. Records Beat Michael Jackson, Eddie Kendricks, and Aretha Franklin

In 1974, George McCrae and T.K. Records went #1 everywhere on Earth. Every country where American records were sold, George McCrae was there and chart topping, and Henry Stone made sure of it. From Norway, to Germany, France, England, Brazil, Colombia, Angola, Italy, Canada, Spain, Portugal, and beyond.

Henry Stone distributed the record himself all over the U.S.A via his T.K. Productions company, and international distribution was licensed to RCA. Tens of millions shipped, and the Miami Sound was heard around the world.

But that’s only half the story. Just take a look at some of the classic artists and songs that McCrae displaced in order to get there. Yes, “Rock Your Baby” topped the Billboard Pop chart too, but pictured above is a great page from Cash Box Magazine that really tells the story.

Here are just some of the records that were less popular and impactful in the culture than “Rock Your Baby:”

2. Jackson Five – “Dancing Machine” – Motown

3. Eddie Kendricks – “Son of Sagittarius” – Tamla

4. Aretha Franklin – “Ain’t Nothin’ Like The Real Thing” – Atlantic

5. O’Jays – “For The Love of Money” – Philadelphia International

6. The Impressions – “Finally Got Myself Together” – Curtom

7. James Brown – “Payback” – Polydor

8. BT Express – “Do It Till You’re Satisfied” – Scepter

9. William DeVaugh – “Be Thankful For What You Got” – Roxbury

10. Main Ingredient – “Just Don’t Want To Be Lonely” – RCA


Furthermore, Henry Stone’s other labels were represented on this end of year Top 100 chart as well. They are:

33. Betty Wright – “Secretary” – Alston

62. Clarence Reid – “Funky Party” – Alston

84. Latimore – “Let’s Straighten It Out” – Glades

95. Little Beaver – “Party Down” –  Cat

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