“I Was The Atlantic Rep for Eric Clapton, and The Rolling Stones,” Says Bob Perry

Bob Perry was eighteen years old and working at a one-stop record shop in Portland, Maine when he decided to go see an old girlfriend in Florida. At home, the snow was fifty below zero, and a polar bear was eating an ice cream sandwich. So he moved to Miami, got a job with Henry Stone, and before you know it he was driving all over Florida getting records on the radio.

One of the last records Perry worked for Stone was the Timmy Thomas million seller that started T.K Productions, “Why Can’t We Live Together” on the Glades label. That’s the same time that Atlantic pulled out of independent distribution and joined forces with Warner and Elektra to start WEA distribution and do it themselves.

Perry saw it as an opportunity and by twenty two years old he was the Atlantic promo rep for the whole southeast. Check out the one hour HSM interview with “Bluenote” Bob Perry about his amazing career in music. For twenty five years he was involved with sales, marketing, and promotions of recorded music. And for twenty five years, he owned Bluenote Records in North Miami Beach.


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