“I Completely Controlled R&B Radio In Miami,” Says Henry Stone

Jimmy “Bo” Horne and Henry Stone, 2013 – ©Jacob Katel

“I knew the records were gonna be hits cause I’d had em’ tested here in Miami first. I had em’ tested with my jockeys in the clubs and on the radio, and they got me the feedback on what was hot. At that time I completely controlled R&B radio down here. I had every station locked up. I had relationships with all the key r&b DJs and could get anything played anytime I wanted. In the 70’s, pop was already more programmed so you knew what they were gonna play. But R&B DJs could still play whatever they wanted. So I’d break all my records R&B and then if they were strong enough, cross em’ over to pop. Even my white acts, KC & The Sunshine Band, Foxy (Get Off), Bobby Caldwell (What You Won’t Do For Love), they all broke R&B first. If you look at the cover of the Bobby Caldwell record, he’s a silhouette. You can’t even tell he’s a white guy. Before I gave any records to Fred to take on the road, I got the feedback from my DJs and I knew what was gonna be a hit. Once I decided a song was gonna be a hit, that’s when we started really promoting it.”


©Jacob Katel and ©Henry Stone Music USA Inc. All Rights Reserved.

©HenryStoneMusic USA Inc. All Rights Reserved.
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