How The Music Business Was Ruined by Accountants and Lawyers

HSM 70s

Henry Stone says: “When the lawyers and the accountants started coming into the music business is when everything was fucked over yaknow. It changed the whole industry.

Now when the artists are coming in with the lawyers and everything, when they make the deal they make sure the artist gets the publishing and all that nonsense yaknow.

In the old days we were all music guys. We didn’t have lawyers or accountants, man, they weren’t fuckin heard of. Music people, man, we dug the music, or we didn’t like it, or we made deals. Now it’s all fuckin accountants and lawyers, and they don’t know the first fuckin thing about a record.

But if you control the money, you control a lot. So even if you claim you own a song, or own a record, and you get in a lawsuit, and you go to court, most of the time you make a settlement and usually the lawyer gets all the money.”

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