How Henry Stone’s National R&B Radio Promotion Funked The World

Henry Stone at TK Records headquarters ©HenryStoneMusic USA, Inc.

“I’d put Fred on a record and the next minute I’d get an order for 10,000 from Detroit, and another 10,000 outta Chicago, 10,000 out of DC, Baltimore, Houston, New York, Carolinas, everywhere. It was unbelievable. We’d sell hundreds of thousands just like that.

He was out there running all the time. Station to station y’know. Like I say, he’d leave my office with whatever he had in his hands and in ten days, man, ten major radio stations would be on it, like, pounding it y’know. I didn’t have to worry about payola into those smaller stations.

The hits trickled down from the top. Some of Fred’s main guys were Al Perkins in Detroit, Boogaloo in Houston, and E. Rodney Jones in Chicago. But New York was the key up there for R&B Disco. Cause Frankie Crocker was very heavy on the radio on WBLS in NYC. And all the foreigners used to listen to Frankie. Anybody in the business who knew anything listened to Frankie Crocker. I used to give Frankie ten records at a time, and he’d play them all with a smile on his face.

I had worldwide distribution on all my records. I had a deal with Columbia around the world. They distributed my stuff around the world. So I had to make sure everybody in the world heard it.”

©Jacob Katel and ©Henry Stone Music USA Inc. All Rights Reserved

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