HenryStoneMusic Inc Welcomes Local Artists Aholsniffsglue and Brian Butler To Headquarters

ahol stone butler

Aholsniffsglue, Joe Stone, and Brian Butler in the Henry Stone Music Inc Headquarters

Henry Stone knew that hit-making talent could walk in your door at any time in any form. And that’s why he always welcomed those who respectfully bulldozed their way into the room and gave them an opportunity to show their worth.

Today, Henry Stone Music Inc. carries on his legacy of the “open door policy” so that Miami artists on their grind have an opportunity to learn from the decades of gold and platinum plaques, distribution networks, and Earth shaking, history making, musical power of the Henry Stone impact on the world of entertainment.

Visual artists Aholsniffsglue and Brian Butler of Upper Hand Art joined Joe Stone in a wide ranging conversation about everything from James Brown to Miami Bass, vinyl vs digital, music as a lifestyle, parody law, intellectual property, the system, underground hip hop, album covers, catalog, HOT Productions, writing, recording, touring, the origins of Pro Tools, Blowfly, rhythm and blues, and the many forms that creativity takes.

Later, Brian drew this dope caricature inspired by the meeting of the minds. It features Jake Katel, Joe Stone, and Aholsniffsglue.


Get ready for a whole new dimension in musical creativity to emerge from this consortium. Stay tuned to Henry Stone Music Inc.


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