Henry Stone’s T.K. Productions in 1975: “The Independent’s Independent”

1975 was a very strong year for Henry Stone’s T.K. Productions.

They are: T.K. Records, Cat Records, Glades Records, Alston Records, Drive Records, Dash Records, Kayvette Records, Chimneyville Records, Weird World Records, International Brothers Records, Marlin Records, Blue Candle Records, Dade Records, and J. Walking Records.

The artists being promoted are: George McCrae, KC and The Sunshine Band, Fire, Gwen McCrae, Little Beaver, William Howard, Latimore, Timmy Thomas, Betty Wright, Jimmie “Bo” Horne, Toby King, Family Plan, Charles Allen, Jackie Moore, King Floyd, Blowfly, Wildman Steve, and Bobby Byrd.

Now that’s what you call a roster.

A majority of those albums and 45’s were recorded right at Henry’s compound in Hialeah. All of them were manufactured by his own pressing plants, or those of his cronies around the country and internationally. Some were distribution deals for labels like Chimneyville, an offshoot of Mississippi’s Malaco Records.

Others were joint ventures, such as the International Brothers label that he and James Brown went into business on together.

For Henry Stone, it was the culmination of a quarter century’s experience as a distributor since the founding of the independent record business.

1975 was a great year.

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