Henry Stone’s #MiamiSound in 15 Gold and Platinum Hits from the 1970s

Henry Stone sold hundreds of millions of records from a warehouse in Hialeah.

It’s no more ludicrous than a Colombian coke lord selling hundreds of millions of kilos of cocaine, and practically the same business model.

Internal company records from 1977 show that many of these TK sales occurred with initial commercial wide release, an aspect of independent music distribution which Henry Stone helped pioneer, when first week, first quarter, and first year sales reports are most important.

Intervening decades have seen these same hits reborn as classics; and the album cuts they once rose above have followed suit, selling their way own into the millions.

It’s an illustrious history that we should never forget, so here’s another reminder that the Miami Sound of soul, funk, and r&b pop, with its Caribbean rhythms, Latin flavor, and bass-heavy, juke joint rockin’ roots, will never die. And Dorothy Moore’s inclusion on the list, for “Misty Blue,” in a manufacturing and distribution deal that Henry Stone made with Malaco Records out of Mississippi, shows the important influence of southern blues and Gospel in the mix.

Here are 15 of the certified BILLBOARD chart topping hits that made T.K. Productions a global force in music and culture throughout the 1970’s, the biggest decade of Henry Stone’s 65+ years in the music business.

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