Henry Stone, The Record Man Movie, Exciting News On The Way!

Behind the scenes of The Record Man at Audio Vision Studios in North Miami in 2013 – ©Jacob Katel

Henry Stone, The Record Man, the man, the myth, the legend, the movie!

Fans around the world have contacted us here at Henry Stone Music begging for a chance to see Record Man, the documentary about Henry Stone’s 65+ years in the music business.

Not only did the feature win the audience favorite prize at the prestigious Orlando Film Festival, it has traveled to screens around the country and been loved at every stop.

Now, exciting news about the project’s wide release is on its way, and we want all you HenryStoneMusic fans to hear it here first.

Stay tuned for exciting new information about a major deal that is in the works to insure that every music lover young and old around the world will get their chance to view this epic tale over and over again as they learn about the great history of the Miami Sound and Henry Stone and his inimitable team of all stars’ role in fostering, producing, manufacturing, promoting, and distributing it.

Stay tuned!!!!


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