Henry Stone Tells How Tru-Tone Became Tone Distribution

Dave Benjamin, Henry Stone, and Dina Downing – ©Henry Stone Music USA Inc. All Rights Reserved.

“I had a little warehouse on SW 8th St and 12th Ave, and next door to me Falsie ran the King Records Miami branch. But I grew my operation with more labels from all over the country, and my TruTone distribution company moved up NW 2nd Ave. We received notice from a small radio company called TruTone, they had a copyright so we changed the name to Tone Distribution. We were expanding our business. It was at this time I hired a new secretary named Dina Downing, and Larry Newton called about his friend from Philly, Dave Benjamin. He needed to move out of Philly, some trouble he was having in Philly with bookies. I hired him, and he was a great salesman. This was the time my association with the Miami radio DJ Bob Green got established. And with these pieces in place, I was able to grow my distribution until I needed a whole city block in Hialeah to house it, but that comes later.”


From a 2013 interview with Henry Stone

©Jacob Katel and Henry Stone Music USA Inc. All Rights Reserved

©HenryStoneMusic USA Inc. All Rights Reserved.
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