Henry Stone Tells How He Wrote “Two Hearts, Two Kisses (Makes One Love )”

“I got a story with Amos Millburn. After “Hearts of Stone,” my first big hit, my first million selling record, I hadda come up with a followup. So I was on the hustle, always on the road, pushing the new records, whatever I hadda do. I was on the road and remember goin to Memphis, Tennessee. There was a record store there, big record store. And everybody who used to come to town hadda sit down with the big man there cause he was the guy that sold most of the records. Memphis was a dry state back then. They didn’t have any bars or anything. If you wanted a drink you hadda belong to a private club. So they had a private club and I went I had a drink and a little dinner with the guy, and i was gettin ready to go back to Cincinatti to re-record The Charms for the followup, and I was sittin in the bar havin a drink, and a juke box came on and all of a sudden I hear Amos Millburn “One Scotch, One Bourbon, One Beer,” and then I says, shit man, “Two Hearts, Two Kisses, Makes One Love,” and that’s where I came up with “Two Hearts, Two Kisses.”

two hearts two kisses

“A  hit! So I was a fuckin thief, hahaha, not really. I had the idea of “Two Hearts Two Kisses.” I had that idea to do a song around that yknow but I couldn’t come up with the concept right away till I heard that. I said wow that should be a killer, two heart, two kisses make one love, which was of course the first record that Pat Boone covered. And it’s been covered many times since. Even Frank Sinatra did a version. I got the idea for it when I heard Amos Millburn playin on a jukebox in Memphis, Tennessee.”


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