Henry Stone Talks WLAC Nashville – “We Always Got Our Records On The Air”

“WLAC. That’s before they had R&B stations all over. If you wanted to hear an R&B Record you had to listen to WLAC in Nashville. There was John R., Hoss Allen, Gene Noble, and Herman Grizzard, and one guy was a cripple, he had some, he was a cripple or something, and he was really good too. I knew them in person cause they were around in the years I was traveling with Leonard Chess. So I used to meet these jockeys with Leonard. He’d be workin his Chess Records and I’d be workin’ my Rockin Records, and DeLuxe.

We always got records on the air man. That was… Fuhgettabout it. I used to go into Nashville and see the jockeys and be gone y’know. I didn’t hang around too much in Nashville cause, number one, I wasn’t interested in country music, that wasn’t my thing.”



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