Henry Stone Talks The Beatles: “I Paid People To Listen To Them For Me”


“Not that I didn’t like it, but I didn’t listen to anybody else’s music but mine. That’s the truth then, and that’s true today. What I create is what I like. It may be a little selfish…ego…whatever you wanna call it, but even in the days when the Beatles and the Rolling Stones were hot, I knew they existed cause I distributed their records, but I’d never sit down and listen to to their records. I had people that worked for me that did that.

I listened to whatever I created. That’s the rule that I followed. Only the recordings that I made or that I got involved with. R&B records. Jazz records. Not the far out jazz. Just good music.

I had two factions goin. I had the distribution faction, which I called Other People’s Money. When I dsitributed a hit record I got the records and sold em. They had to put up all the marketing and everything else and pressing. I sold the records as a distributor. I made my percentage. But these were already-made hit records that I distributed so it was a nice cash flow.

But when you get into the manufacturing bidness it’s a whole different world.

You gotta lay out all the money. You gotta do everything. You gotta buy all the inventories. So it becomes two different parts of the industry that i was involved in. I did the distribution to make a living and generate money, cause nobody ever gave me anything. Nobody ever said here Henry Stone, heres a hundred dollars. Here’s ten thousand whatever to go into business. I had to do it my own way.”



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