Henry Stone Talks Ralph MacDonald’s “Calypso Breakdown”

“Ralph MacDonald almost got mad at me, cause his first record that I put out, “Calypso Breakdown,” ended up bein’ number one on the disco charts. He said, “Henry how can you do that to me?” Cause he was like this serious jazz musician ya dig? He didn’t wanna be associated with disco music.

I said, “I didn’t do nothin’. I put the record out and this is what they loved in the clubs. Whattaya want me to do, man?”

And then it ended up bein in Saturday Night Fever. The number one soundtrack album of all time. He was like, “That’s not my thing man,” you know, not really mad, but I don’t control the world. I put the records out, that’s my job. “Calypso Breakdown.” The record was on the disco charts number #1.



“Ralph MacDonald, what a nice guy. God. Poor guy came down here to record and do some work down here and we were driving to a restaurant on LeJeune Road, I think in that hotel there, anyway, pretty famous restaurant, steakplace like yknow, we went in there and I had all his equipment in the back of my Cadillac, and we came out and somebody’d busted in and stole all of the equipment that he’d brought down to record with. All his percussion stuff. Bout 1975, 76′, circa round that time.”


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