Henry Stone Talks Morris Levy: “He Was Big In The Mafia”


Morris Levy, Roulette Records

As told to writer Jacob Katel by Henry Stone in an interview:

“Morris Levy was a big name in the Mafia and in the history books and everything. Big time.  I met him in the early years when he went into the record business with  George Goldner cause I was George’s distributor, and George’s buddy. Well, much later on, Morris sent down these two mob guys to be on my payroll and I thought about it and I said, gee I don’t want these mafia guys on my payroll, man, yaknow? So I told Morris, “Morris the big problem I have is I’m under audit with the IRS right now.” He said, “OK Henry I’ll talk to ya later,” badaboom. The phone clicked right down.

Later on I was partners with him on the Sunnyview Label. And he was cool, man, I never had a problem. I used to go to his farm all the time in upstate New York. I was very cool with Morris, he was cool with me and I know every Tuesday he used to go downtown to Little Italy to do his thing whatever he hadda do. We had a lot of stories together. Stay tuned and I’ll tell ya all about him.”


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