Henry Stone Talks King Records, Henry Glover, Federal Records, Ralph Bass, and Crossover Pop

“I used to work a lot with King Records and Henry Glover. He was the a&r man for King records. Syd Nathan, the boss, had Ralph Bass for Federal Records, me for DeLuxe Records, and King Records was basically Henry Glover. He did Little Willie John , Earl Bostic, Wynonie Harris. All those hits. He did all the King artists.

Ralph Bass did The Platters. The Platters were originally on Federal Records. Ralph also did The Midnighters. Hank Ballard and The Midnighters.

So it was the three of us.

And so uh Willie John actually….I was in the studio with Henry Glover when we recorded “Fever” with Little Willie John. That was a huge record.

At that time there was no crossovers y’know. The records were big r&b and weren’t crossing over. I was one of the first to cross a record over from black to white. My song “Hearts of Stone” with Otis Williams and The Charms was one of the first r&b records to cross over into pop in 1955.

After that, my records were all covered by white artists, especially by Dot Records. Randy Wood would cover all my records.

“Two Hearts Two Kisses,” which I recorded with The Charms, was covered by Frank Sinatra, Doris Day, bout 5 or 6 covers.

I went out promoting the record and I got it on a lot of pop stations. I remember there was a guy down here, a radio jock, I walked up to him and handed him a hundred dollar bill.

He said, “I can’t take that.”

I said, “Just play this motherfuckin’ record will ya?”

And he did.”


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