Henry Stone Talks KC aka Harry Wayne Casey, “Rock Your Baby,” and George McCrae



“George McCrae, “Rock Your Baby?” That record cost me exactly $15 cash. At that time KC and Rick the engineer were two young guys that I put up. They asked me if they could hang out in the studio and, just hang out, just like you’re doing practically like now. I had a little 8 track recording studio in Hialeah up above my office. TK Studios.

I was in the midst of recording Gwen McCrae. They lived in West Palm Beach, Gwen and George Mccrae. So George did some background singing for us and Gwen was doing the session that she was doing for us. Started about 10 o’clock at night, not for “Rockin Chair,” this is before “Rockin Chair.” And George was waiting , he drove her down from West Palm Beach and George was sittin in my office at the time waitin for Gwen, and that’s when Rick and KC come down with a track.




They played this track and I said, “Wow this is strong.” They said “KC can’t sing it cause it’s too high. The song is too high.” So I sez, “George you got a high voice why don’t you go upstairs and try it.” George went upstairs, this was after Gwen did her session, and bout an hour later they come dowwn with this track, I say, “OH MY GOD! This is it, man!” Yknow. And it went shooooo. Put it on the air down here with Butterball and a few other R&B jocks, yknow, and pow, man, that thing just…When I released it, I put it on my TK label. This is before KC, this is Rick and KC doin a little producing screwin around. They wrote it, they did the whole thing. The guitar player, I had to give Jerome $15 cash. And uh, 26 million records later…..




I didn’t even need to promote it. They came to me. Number one, it was the first really pure disco record in the world, “Rock Your Baby,” reallly the first disco record, I mean there were dance records and stuff like that, but the first pure disco record that broke, I got it to the clubs right away and phshooo, then radio start calling me. No payola involved with this record at all. Also through my Tone Distributing I had a section of my distributing called Tone International where I sold records all around the world Germany, France, England, South America. About a week later ,10 days later, after Frankie Crocker got a hold of the record in New York, I start getting calls from all over the world.


That’s when I called my attorney Allen Grubman, I told him, “This is your shot.” I found him in Jackson, Mississippi, I said “Your troubles are over, man. I got you office furniture and everything. You’re all set man. I got the biggest record in the world. I knew it. I just knew it. And of course it became the biggest record in the world.”


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