Henry Stone Talks Isaac Hayes’ Hot Buttered Soul: “I Sold Close to 100,000”

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“Isaac Hayes and I were real close pals. He was a writer, producer, and artist, and I was a distributor. As a STAX distributor, I was called to a meeting in Memphis, Tennessee where we had a new product meeting.

The night before the meeting I got together with Isaac Hayes whom I had built up a nice rapport and relationship with. He took me to his pad and played me his new relase on STAX Records. I sat and listened for over an hour to Hot Buttered Soul which I thought was one of the greatest pieces of music I had heard in this century. It was dynamite! The next morning at the STAX meeting where we placed our orders for the new releases, usually a new artist such as  Isaac Hayes at that time you would order 25 or 50 lp’s. I placed an order for 5,000 and 1,500 at no charge for promotions. All the other distributors at the meeting thought I was crazy. Eventually I ended up selling close to 100,000 of this LP.

That was Hot Buttered Soul.

I always called Isaac Hayes when I got in town. He had a big easy chair for listening to LPs.

Sometime later at another meeting in Memphis I arrived the night before, had dinner with Isaac and he took me to his apartment, sat me down in a huge listening chair, plugged two headphones over my ears and I heard the second best music of the century. Of course this was Shaft.

What a talented guy.

One thing Isaac Hayes made me promise is that he’s to receive every Blowfly record that I ever produce.”

  • From a 2013 interview with Henry Stone.

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