Henry Stone Talks Dirty Gospel – Reverend Johnson “God He Don’t Like It”

Henry Stone in HenryStoneMusic headquarters - January 2013 - Jacob Katel

Henry Stone in HenryStoneMusic headquarters – January 2013 – Jacob Katel

“I always had my ears to the street. As these little record stores came up in Miami I used to go and deliver the records sometimes. Most of em’ later started comin’ to me, but in the early years I always listened, man, standin’ right there in Overtown. Let’s say when the buses came into the bus station where the little record store would be and uh, 50 people would come out and, people would walk in and ask for the song they liked off the radio by the lyric. They’d come in and quote the lyric, ask for it, and buy the record.

And I listened.”

“I had one record I’ll never forget, it was a very unusual record, it was a gospel record that I cut for my Glory Records label. One of my first little labels. I had Rockin’ Records and Glory Records. In fact I’m looking for the original record, checking all through the country on ebay and ubay and everywhere else. It’s a record I cut with a gospel group and Reverend Johnson called “God He Dont Like It” and it was… God dont like you messin round with the booze and all that stuff, man it was a great record, but it was sorta like,,,gospel people were afraid of it, they had it under the counter like, it was almost like an x rated record, but it was clean, it was a gospel record, it was God he dont like all this stuff, he dont like what youre doin yknow, and the person would come in whisper “You got that record, God He Dont Like It?” And they’d say “Yeah!” And the clerk would reach under the counter with a sly wink and that was it, my dirty gospel record. A hit!”


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