Henry Stone Talks Charles Bobbit and Recording An African Prince

“The Federal Agents used to come look through my books trying to bust me for something. I don’t know what. They used to do the same thing to James Brown when they tried to bust him. But they didn’t. Then they went after his manager, Charles Bobbit. In fact, I got him off that. I went to the Grand Jury in Atlanta and testified when they were tryin’ to bust Bobbit. They had me in the Grand Jury and I said, “No, I never gave this guy anything.” I said, “I paid him for certain things, but I never gave him any money….to give to disc jockeys.” But anyway, I got him off. And he never forgot it.

Twenty years later or so I got a call from him. He says, “Henry, you gotta do me a favor.”

I says, “Whattaya want me to do man?”

At that time he was representing…he had a period of about 5 or 6 years between James Brown where he did his own thing, cause while he was with James in Africa, Charles met the King of someplace (Omar Bongo, former President of Gabon), and his son (Ali Bongo, current President of Gabon) wanted to be a singer. The King figured that if Bobbit was good enough for James Brown then he must be good, and so, he got hired and he managed this kid.

Anyway, I get a call one day and Charles Bobbit says, “Henry, I wanna use your studio. I wanna record Prince so and so.”

So I sez, “Sure man, c’mon down.”

He brought the kid to the studio, recorded him, and he gave me $20,000 dollars. I said, “What the hell’s that for?” He says, “It’s payback man. I didn’t forget what you did for me. This is all oil money. It’s the Prince’s money.” I still talk to Charles Bobbit. Every once in a while he calls me. He was with James Brown when he died, and I was one of the first guys he called when he passed away. Charles Bobbit. Terrific guy. He worked hard, man. For James Brown.”


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