Henry Stone Talks Bobby Robinson’s Enjoy Records, Fire Records, and Fury Record Labels

“Fury Records. That was Bobby Robinson from Harlem’s label. Bobby was one of the first guys with rap records in all of New York. But don’t get confused, there was Bobby Robinson and there was Joe Robinson. Two different people. Joe Robinson started Sugar Hill Records. Bobby Robinson owned the record shop at 125th street, in Harlem, and he owned the Fury, Fire, and Enjoy Records labels. His own labels. In 1980 he put out Grandmaster Flash and The Furious Five “Superrappin'” and Spoonie Gee’s “Love Rap,” but he also had a couple pretty big hits in the 50s and 60s, like “Goin To Kansas City” by Wilbert Harrison. I recorded Wilbert Harrison down here in Florida in the 1950s. Nothin ever happened really. Then he went up to New York and cut the same record for two different companies at the same time. One company was run by a guy whose name was Herman Lubinsky from Savoy Records, and the other guy was Bobby Robinson from Fury Records. “Goin To Kansas City” was a huge huge record. Herman Lubinsky tried to sue Bobby’s ass off. I don’t know who actually won, but I think they actually settled.

If you control the money, you control a lot. Even though you claim you own the song or own the record, whether you make a settlement or go to court, usually the lawyer gets all the money.

That was a big conflict. I know it almost put Bobby in his grave. Lubinsky was a tough old man. When you start in with all the lawyers, that’s when shit gets ugly, man.

I distributed all of Bobby Robinson’s labels for him. They weren’t big hits then but later on they were all sampled by the rappers and everything yaknow. Fury had a lot of stuff out. Fire and Fury. Fire Records and Fury Records. Bobby Robinson from 125th street. I used to go visit his shop. Me and Hymie Weiss used to go visit his shop all the time. Hymie and I used to go to Harlem all the time. Jeeeesus, those days. We used to walk around like we owned the fuckin town. Hymie that bold motherfucka hahaha. Hangin at the record stores, anything to do with the music yaknow. There was a place we used to go I forget the name of the place up there in Harlem all the time. Like a daytime nightclub. Everybody used to hang out there in Harlem, I forget the name of it. Oh gawwd ,, names.”


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