Henry Stone Talks Bob Shad and Sittin’ In With Records: “A Real Music Guy”

“Bob Shad was a very, very, close friend of mine. Bob started out recording blues artists like Lightnin’ Hopkins. In fact, I distributed his records, and that’s how we became such good friends. We used to hang out together. He used to stay at my house when he came down, yknow real close, my wife and kids liked him and all. And when I cut the Ray Charles stuff, when I first cut it, I started to put it on my Rockin’ label, but I let Bobby do some on his Sittin’ In With Records. I had him do a little distribution on it y’know. Then after a year I took it back cause nothin was happening and that’s when I released it on Rockin’ Records. Bob Shad was a piloting enthusiast and about 20 years ago he had a plane crash and passed away. He also produced Dinah Washington I think for Mercury. He was a good music guy, a real music guy. See, in those days we were all music guys. We didn’t have lawyers or accountants, man, they weren’t fuckin’ heard of. Music people, man, we dug the music, or we didn’t like it, or we made deals, just like with my deal with Bob Shad. It was a handshake, but after a year I said “Bobby nothins’ happenin’, give em back to me.” But thats the way it was. Now it’s all fuckin accountants and lawyers, and they don’t know the first fuckin thing about a record.”

  • From a 2013 interview where I asked Henry Stone about Bob Shad

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