Henry Stone Talks Atlantic Records: “Herb Abramson Got Aced Out by Jerry Wexler”

Herb and Miriam Abramson in 1947

Herb and Miriam Abramson in 1947 – Photo by William P Gottlieb (public domain)

“This music business is all connected. There’s really not that many people in it. And once you get to a certain point, everybody kinda knows everybody. Here’s a story to illustrate it.

Johnny Bienstock and his brother Freddy Bienstock owned a big publishing company. Their uncle opened the company that published all the old Elvis Presley music. Freddy and Johnny Bienstock…they both just passed away. Everybody’s gone…weew. And Miriam Bienstock, she married Freddy Bienstock, but before that she used to be married to someone else. She was one of the founders of Atlantic Records. See in the very beginning she was Miriam Abramson. She was married to the original founder of Atlantic Records. Herb Abramson. Before Jerry Wexler it was Ahmet and Herb. And Miriam Abramson. She was originally like the money. She was like a bookkeeper. Accounts. That type of stuff. And then later on she married Freddy Bienstock after she left Atlantic. But, yeah Herb Abramson was the original founder of Atlantic Records with Ahmet. Herb was a pretty cool cat, but he got aced out of Atlantic in the very beginning when Jerry came.

See, Jerry used to work for Billboard, and he came into Atlantic I think in 1951 or 52 Im not sure. And Herb was there, but he got pushed out somehow or whatever. And then Miriam was out and she married Freddy Bienstock and then became Miriam Bienstock. Freddy Bienstock was a big publisher. He got in the publishing early. Real early.”


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