Henry Stone Talks Allman Brothers: “They Came To Me, We Cut Them”


“The Allman Brothers. When they met me, they were giggin down here in Miami. Little venues. Little rock and roll venues, just hustling yknow, and they uh, I guess from Steve Alaimo they heard about what we were tryin to do at TK. They came by my upstairs studio, not even 24 track yet, this is the early days. And they start like jammin around and we started using em. We used em on a few little rock sessions that Steve wanteda do, and then they end up sleeping, they had their car downstairs, and they end up sleeping upstairs in the studio, for a week or so, and we ended up cutting an album with them, with “Duane and Greg,” thats the name of the album. ”


“A lot of the white acts we didn’t bother with, but the Allman brothers was a whole different story. They came to me, we cut them. We recorded that one terrific album with the song “Melissa” on it, which by the way Steve Alaimo is a writer on. That was recorded upstairs on my little studio. We got a group that we’re selling pretty good the 31st of February, that’s the name of the group, and I think the Allman Brothers played the backup for the group. We formed that group. I made a deal with Vanguard Records to distribute it. I think Lawrence Welk bought the company and I don’t know, we had a little correspondence with em, they said they found a contract from 1968 somethin like that. But we released that Allman Brothers on my Bold label, and we did very well with it. They still weren’t big yet but we sold quite a bit. It was Duane and Gregg Allman yaknow. Still own that. We’re gonna put it out eventually. And that was the closest thing I came to rock and roll. Now as a distributor, I distributed all Zeppelin, Cream, all the rock n roll sides as a distributor. I distributed all that product here in Florida, plus transshipping whatever I did trans shipping wise. But I’m a jazz guy at heart. Jazz and blues.”


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  • FYI, Steve Alaimo was not a writer on Melissa, Gregory sold him the song because the guys were starving. He sold it to feed the band and later bought it back but Steve didn’t remove his name. Seriously, do some research before putting your story out there.

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