“Henry Stone Severs Connection with King Records Completely” – Cash Box – (1955)


“Henry Stone has severed his connection with King Records completely. The settlement consisted of all unreleased masters of Crystal Records to be the property of Stone; fifty percent of the copyrights of Crystal Publishing Company; the Charms contract (not including the services of Otis Wiliams, lead singer of the group, who remains with King); an undisclosed amount of cash, and several other small items. Stone recently formed Chart Records and Sherlyn Publishing Company. The Charms’ first release on Chart is “Love, Love, Stick Stov” and “Love’s Our Inspiration.” Chart is also enjoying a good sale on its “Very Truly Yours” by The Evergreens. The Charms are a valuable property, having just won the first spot in The Cash Box Juke Box Operator’s poll, Best R&B Vocal Group 1955 category. The Charms, other than Otis Williams, are Donald Peak, Rolland Bradley, Richard Parker, and Joe Penn. . . “

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