Henry Stone on the King Records Miami Branch: “It Was Run By Marvin Novak”

King Records was the pioneering independent American record company that first signed James Brown in 1955 through its Federal Records subsidiary. King  also recorded and manufactured music by Earl Bostic, Bill Doggett, The 5 Royales, and Little Willie John. It also specialized in “hillbilly records,” early country music similar in content but different in style to rhythm and blues.

King Records was a vertically integrated manufacturing and distribution company with a bevvy of family investors. They used their own studios to record, had their own pressing plant for cranking out records, their own printing press to make labels, they even manufactured their own boxes and sleeves. On top of that, they had their own distributors and promotion men stationed in various markets throughout the country selling the product to jukebox operators and later one-stops and retailers..

King didn’t need to go through independent regional distributors like Henry Stone because King built its own national sales force. Later, the overhead on doing business that way got to be too much. But for a long time it was an independent company manufacturing and distributing its own hit product nationwide.

The Miami branch of King Records was run by Marvin Novak, who became a close friend of Henry Stone.

Here’s what Henry had to say about King Records in Miami:

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Via Billboard Magazine August 28, 1954

“Marvin Novak, Marvin Novak, Marvin Novak, hahaha, quite a character, man. I spent a lot of time with him. His nickname was Falsie.  That was a name I guess he picked up growing up with Syd Nathan and his clan. He was Syd Nathan’s boy.

The actual story is that Syd Nathan’s family sort of adopted him in Cincinnati, and he ended up like working for Syd. I was associated with him because my DeLuxe label was part of King Records.

The last time I saw him was about ten years ago at the track. I don’t know if he’s still alive.”


via Billboard Magazine January 16, 1954

via Billboard Magazine January 16, 1954


“We actually had our offices next door to each other when I was on SW 8th street and 12th Avenue. The King Records branch was right next door to me.

I started working with King records in 1954. I had a huge hit record on the DeLuxe label through King. I don’t know if youre familiar with that, “Hearts of Stone,” well that was me, that was the first million selling record that crossed over into the pop charts from the r&b charts on Billboard.”


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